About Western States Industrial Hardware Supplies

Some companies like to solve problems. Others like to figure out how to avoid them all together by blaming someone who caused them in the first place. At Western States Hardware we do everything we can to help you get the part you need to you as soon as possible. After 55 years of experience in this field we know how every minute counts for large production companies that cannot possibly wait long for replacement parts or tools.

Our customer support specialists determine quickly how to get your parts to the job site as quickly as possible wherever part of the country you are in. Having the answer immediately is less important than figuring out how to get what you need to you as quickly as possible, this is our primary focus.

Our warehouse specialists do everything possible to make sure we honor the commitments made by our customer support specialists. Our 55 year reputation is at stake!

Our Industrial Hardware Supply inventory is over 750 thousand parts so it is highly unlikely we won’t have it in stock or have close access to what you need.